FES and REBOOT Training Program Logos

Reboot Philippines was formed by the alumni and current participants of the Renewable Energy Bootcamp (REBOOT) Program by FES Philippines. The REBOOT Program seeks to develop renewable energy ambassadors who will enable the shift towards a renewable energy transition in the Philippines.


Through our various advocacy projects on renewable energy education, we seek to bridge renewable energy with various sectors, emphasizing the need for multidisciplinary responses towards the equally complex issue of climate change.

We wish to further the advocacy of renewable energy through education. As we produce more advocates through capacity building programs, our goal is to be a driver for social movements and policy developments to foster an enabling environment for renewable energy.


RE-Course aims to uncover the intersections of renewable energy with other issues that we face in society by sparking thought-provoking conversations.


The Renewable Energy Advocates Learning

The Renewable Energy Advocates Learning program is a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) that caters to youth who wish to undergo learning and skills development in the various aspects of renewable energy.


Humans of Reboot

Humans of Reboot is a climate storytelling initiative that enables participants to present cliamte and energy issues through a storytelling lens and create works that resonate with audiences.

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