Reboot Philippines stands with the artists, the youth, and the organizations of the #Tumindig movement in demanding accountability on the final State of the Nation Address of the Duterte administration on July 26.

In light of the ongoing climate crisis, we demand an acceleration of the just energy transition towards clean and renewable sources. While we recognize the moratorium on coal-fired power plants and progress updates in fulfilling the SONA 2019 promise of fast-tracking renewable sources, we call for more robust climate mitigation and adaptation efforts and enhanced mainstreaming of just transition concepts into policy and action, especially as fossil fuels continue to comprise nearly 75% of our electricity generation mix.

We also call on our legislators in recognizing and acting on the dangerous implications of the Anti-Terrorism Act on the terror tagging of environmental advocates. As described in a report by the UN Human Rights Office, the Anti-Terrorism Act “dilutes human rights safeguards, broadens the definition of terrorism and expands the period of detention without a warrant.” With the Philippines as the 2nd deadliest country in the world for environmental defenders, we need alternatives that protect freedom of speech and enable advocates to intensify initiatives towards environmental justice.

Only by demanding accountability can we “ensure safe and open spaces for youth leadership and participation in the Philippines’ journey towards the transition to full renewable energy,” one of the missions of Reboot PH.

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Artwork inspired by Tarantadong Kalbo. Graphic created by Tonic Madulid.