AAP aims to design a comprehensive learning and mentorship program for interested youth advocates and to re-engage members of the Reboot Community to serve as mentors, allowing them to take active roles in the organization’s projects.

By providing a lateral entry point for membership to the organization, the project envisions cultivating new members that are familiar with the political, economic, social, technological, and environmental aspects of the renewable energy transition.

AAP Cohort 1 Main Poster

AAP Cohort 1

The first AAP run invited existing volunteer staff of Reboot Philippines, with qualifying participants gaining official organization membership.

AAP Cohort 2

Based on feedback from AAP Cohort 1, the program was expanded to the general public. Youth members from various walks of life joined AAP to learn more about climate and energy advocacy through the just transition lens.

AAP Cohort 2 Main Poster

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