The Climate Crisis

The climate crisis is now at our doorsteps. Our actions in this decade will determine what the collective future would look like for generations to come.

Clean energy is one of the most potent tools we have to reduce our emissions, but the transition to renewable energy requires major shifts in how we view energy and society.

There is hope in achieving a future that proactively works towards securing our future as well as mitigating the problems brought upon by the past. By taking steps today, we can involve people in a growing movement towards a nation of climate advocates that will progress towards the just energy transition and secure a more sustainable future.

This is why now is the time to #ResistReclaimReboot!

REBOOT Philippines

Reboot Philippines is a youth-led organization advocating for the Philippine just energy transition towards renewable energy. It was formed by graduates and current participants of the Renewable Energy Bootcamp (REBOOT) Program to provide its members and other aspiring advocates with proper avenues to deepen their knowledge and expand their network towards nation building. The organization seeks to encourage more individuals to join this cause and work together in affecting movements, projects, and policies that will benefit the environment, the country, and its people.

Reboot PH Logo


A country heading towards the just and democratic energy transition as a response to the climate crisis, where youth are empowered to play an active role in its fruition

An established, dynamic, and multi-sectoral community of renewable energy advocates and leaders in the Philippines that drives nationwide progress in energy access, security, and sustainability

A Filipino citizenry that firmly understands the urgency of climate change, demands the acceleration of the energy transition, and is empowered to implement agency over its energy systems


To catalyze the Philippines’ just and democratic energy transition through active involvement in political, economic, social, technological, and environmental spheres

To encourage knowledge creation and collective model-building towards the energy transition through developing the value-creation competencies of organizations and individuals

To empower Filipinos by enabling channels for the public understanding of climate, energy, and development issues

To ensure safe and open spaces for youth leadership and participation in the Philippines’ journey towards the transition to full renewable energy